3-D Oval Bar Mold

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Pour the soaps, then join the top and bottom soaps to make a 3-D bar (see instructions below). Measures 3.75 inches long. The larger oval part is 7/8" deep and the flatter oval 1/2" deep. When the two halves are joined the bar will be approximately 1 3/8" deep. Approximate finished weight is 4.3 ounces. Sheet contains 3 tops and 3 bottoms.

How to join for a 3-D mold type:

Pour and release soap from mold. Using the same colored soap (or clear soap base) drizzle melted soap onto the flat side of one of the soaps. Join the second half by aligning it to the first soap (the one with the drizzled soap). Gently, press the two halves together and allow the soap to set up until firm. The soap drizzled between the two halves acts as glue and holds the two pieces together for a 3-D soap.