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Tutorial: Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies Soap

Remember dipping your cookies in milk as a kid? I do, and my kids still do it as well. Here’s a soap that is a take-off from those Kindergarten days when dipping cookies in milk seemed like a novel idea. We won’t tell anyone that “big” people still do it! A great project for teachers in classrooms, moms and kids, and “big” people, too.

Here’s what you need:



Step One

MIlk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 1

Cube and melt clear soap base in microwave using short bursts of heat. Add equal parts of chocolate brown and black oxide soap colors. Mix well. Add desired fragrance (optional). Four ounces of the brown colored soap will easily make 2 cookies.



Step Two

Pour brown color into the two top and two bottom sections of the cookie mold.

Milk & Cookies Tutorial: Step 2






Step Three

Melt 4 ounces of white soap. Add fragrance (optional). Pour the soap into the molded cookie centers.

Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 3






Step Four

Allow soap to harden and remove from mold. If you have problems with release, pop the mold in freezer for 10-15 minutes. Soap should easily pop out of mold.

Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 4Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 4






Step Five

Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 5Reheat leftover white soap and pour a small dollop on cookie bottom. This will be used to seat the cookie center. Repeat process for cookie top.

Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Step 5



Milk & Cookie Tutorial: Finished Soap







Step Six

Cookies & Milk Tutorial: Step 6






Melt white soap in microwave. You may need to add more soap cubes to the measuring cup. It will take about 8 ounces of white soap to fill the clear plastic cup use for the milk. Add desired fragrance. We added 2 teaspoons of Milk & Honey. You can safely add up to 3 teaspoons of fragrance.

Surface air bubble created while pouring add authenticity.

Cookies & Milk tutorial: Step 6






Step Seven

Milk & Cookies Tutorial: Step 7Time to add the cookies. This is the tricky part. The soap must be partially set up before adding the cookies. If you add cookie too soon, it will sink.

TIP: To keep cookie from sinking, fill cup 2/3 way full with soap. Let harden, liberally spritz with rubbing alcohol and pour the last 1/3. When a thin skin has formed on top of soap, insert cookie.

Allow soap to set up completely. When you are ready to use soap, remove the clear plastic cup (snip it with a pair of scissors and pull apart the plastic). If you plan to sell the soap, make sure you wrap it to prevent the soap from sweating in humid conditions.



Whimsical Scarecrow Soap

Scarecrow Soap by Sophie Soap Chick

Learn how to make this whimsical scarecrow soap!

Sophie Soap Chick does it again! Her creative abilities never ceases to WOW us. Allow us to share some background info about this fun-loving gal.

Sophie Soap Chick Fishing in the Keys

Our fun-loving Sophie Soap Chick.


Sophie joined the Mold Market team as a part-time packer her junior year of high school. Even then, she had the ability to spread sunshine throughout the work place. I am certain that Western Michigan University was never the same once stepped on campus.

She continued to work for us during college breaks and would stay after-hours to master the art of melt and pour soap making. In 2013, Sophie graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and headed to the Florida Keys with a crate full of soaping supplies.

Between deep sea fishing adventures, Sophie Soap Chick continues to share her ‘think outside the box’ soaps with Mold Market. She is forever a part of our family.

Mr. Scarecrow Man Soap

See Sophie’s step-by-step directions for making this whimsical scarecrow soap with Mold Market’s  Beveled Circle mold (Item #10).