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You will find our response time to inquiries is exceptional. Customer care representatives are ready to answer questions, help with mold selection, or assist with any issues requiring immediate attention. We’re only an email away! Please email us questions at:

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Calls concerning Mold Market products should be directed to our business office at 509.245.3620. Hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00AM-12:00PM PST.

19 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Vivian

    I used to buy ” mica powder” in the “go planet earth” web site . but now I can´t find the optiond for micas on the new web site with mold market , Do you still selling micas ??
    I thank and wait for your answer!

  2. Ann Rogers

    I have been using 2 lb slab molds but now I have a customer who wants 9 ounce bars twice the height of a normal bar from a 2 lb slab mold. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  3. Faye M- Francis

    Hi I will like to know if you accept certified check, I’m interested in the soap molds.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Faye,
      We do not except certified checks. We do all payments online through an Amazon account or Credit or Debit Card. Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. Dana Murphy-Love, Owner, Cierra Candles

    Good morning. I filled out a Wholesale request form online last week. I’m checking to see if you received it. We are interested in being a wholesaler. Cierra Candles is based in Everett, WA, and I would prefer to order molds from a local source. I’m in need of two particular molds that you offer currently, but would like to become a wholesaler if possible.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Dana,

      We did receive your email and we did respond with a reply which included the Wholesale Information for you to review. Our Fulfillment center is based in Spangle, WA so it wouldn’t too far at all. Please email if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  5. Lisa


    For years I ordered my colorants from Go Planet Earth. I cannot find the colors I really need for my soap line on your website. I regularly buy the Amethyst, Tomato, Jade Green and Sapphire Blue Liquid Jewel Tone Colorants. Where can I find these? Thank you.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Lisa,
      We do still have some of the colors you mentioned at our warehouse. Since they are not available on the Mold Market website, please email me at with which colors and how many you would like to purchase and I will email you an invoice that you can pay for online. Thanks!

    2. Administrator Post author

      Hello Lisa, We do carry the Tomato Red on the Mold Market Website. It is on the individual colorant page and we do still have a bit of the Amethyst, Jade Green, and Sapphire Blue here at the Warehouse and can still sell them to you for the $5.50 a bottle. You can email your order to me at and I will send you an invoice for the product you would like to purchase. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  6. Christine

    Halo~ I am a current “planet earth” customer. I couldn’t find a “soap making products: colored Mica & Powder pigment soap colors “from this new website. I wanna order Mica pigments….. do you still launch this product?

    Please be kindly reply this msg….

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Chris,

      We do not offer the Mica & Powder pigment soap colors on Mold Market’s website, but let me check with previous owner to see if she still has some in stock and would like to sell them. I will get back with you soon with an answer.

      Mold Market

      1. Administrator Post author

        Hello, Christine,

        Powdered mica pigments are no longer offered as of June 15, 2016 when GoPlanetEarth merged with Mold

        Kind Regards,

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