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Custom Personalized Soap & Chocolate Molds

Need a personalized mold made for your company or event? We can imprint your company name, special logo, or event (wedding, bed & breakfast, trade show) on a mold. Need a specialized shape? We can do that too. Mold Crafter specializes in custom mold designs and is a sister company to Mold Market..

Work with a leading design company to create your custom mold.

Custom Soap Molds Custom Soap Mold
Custom Soap Molds Custom Logo Soap Molds

About custom molds

Certain shapes and sizes are more economical than others. The cost increases with more intricate and contoured designs. You have the option of raised or recessed imprinting of the name/logo on the face of the bar.

What is a mold master?

A master is a casting of your mold design and is necessary in vacuum forming any plastic product. The master is a one-time set-up fee. Future costs are then limited to mold production only.

What does it cost to design a basic shape mold master?

Mold Crafter will work with you to determine costs associated with a particular design.

What is the minimum number of molds I must order?

Whether you need one mold or 100 molds, we work with you to create the perfect mold for your event or business. Quantity costs are discussed when consulting with Mold Crafter.

What image requirements are needed for a custom mold design?

The designer will discuss image types needed to produce a quality design that meets your expectations.

How long will it take to make a custom mold?

Lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks depending on current production schedules. Lead time does not include shipping the finished molds.

What type of plastic is used for custom molds?

A clear PVC 0.04 mil plastic suitable for chocolate, melt and pour, cold process, and hot process soap making is used for custom molds.

How do I get started with a custom design?

Contact Mold Crafter by phone or email:



****** Mold Market will not produce a mold if the intent is to resell the mold itself. Mold Market reserves the right to reject custom designs we deem inappropriate to our company values and operations.******


Broken Heart Mold

Achy Breaky Heart Mold

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What our Customers are Saying

"I've searched the net for soap molds, and by far, you have one of the best selections. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the quality."
Jean M. from Scranton, PA

Autumn Leaf Tutorial

Autumn Leaf Tutorial

Learn how to make these amazing Autumn leaf soaps. more >

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